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XIYUE MEDIA是活动推广策划执行的专业公司,旨为客户打造众多炫目难忘的市场活动,独树一帜。我们拥有丰富的经验和专业的团队,在市场传播、活动管理、创意制作及灯光音响等方面保持着最高的水准,度身定制专属效果,提供广而深的bob最新官网登录 ,呈现令人叹为观止的活动体验。




XIYUE MEDIA is planning the implementation of activities to promote the professional company, aims for customers to create numerous dazzling memorable marketing campaigns for unique. We have a wealth of experience and professional team, we maintain the highest standards in marketing communications, event management, creative production and lighting and sound, etc., tailored exclusive effect, providing a wide and deep professional services rendered breathtaking activities experience.


Our services include:

Business activities, Business execution, Performing arts programs, Press releases, New arrivals, Forum, Opening new stores, Fashion shows, Ceremonies, Exhibitions, Dinner parties, High-end wedding, Event organization, Public relations training, Film and television production.

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